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Shopping in Porto Portugal: A Guide to the Best Stores and Markets

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Porto, a charming coastal city in Portugal, is known for its stunning architecture, delicious cuisine, and vibrant culture. But, did you know that Porto is also a great destination for shopping enthusiasts? With a variety of shopping malls, boutiques, and local markets, Porto offers something for everyone.

One of the most popular shopping destinations in Porto is Rua de Santa Catarina, the city’s main shopping street. Here, visitors can find a wide range of shops, from high-end fashion boutiques to souvenir stores. The street is also home to the iconic Majestic Cafe, a historic coffeehouse that has been serving customers since 1921.

For those looking for a more unique shopping experience, Porto has several local markets that are worth exploring. The Bolhão Market, located in the heart of the city, is a bustling market that sells everything from fresh produce to handmade crafts. Another popular market is the Flea Market, which takes place every Saturday in the Alfândega do Porto area and features a variety of vintage and antique items.

Best Shopping Districts in Porto

Porto is a city of culture, history, and great shopping. Whether you’re looking for luxury brands or unique local finds, Porto has something for everyone. Here are some of the best shopping districts in Porto that you should definitely check out:

Rua de Santa Catarina

Rua de Santa Catarina is one of the most popular shopping destinations in Porto. This long street is packed with shops, cafes, and restaurants, making it a great spot to spend an afternoon. You’ll find everything from high-end fashion brands to local boutiques and souvenir shops. Some of the most popular stores on Rua de Santa Catarina include H&M, Zara, and C&A.

Mercado do Bolhão

Mercado do Bolhão is a historic market in Porto that dates back to the early 20th century. Today, it’s a great place to find fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and other local specialties. The market is housed in a beautiful building with a wrought-iron facade and colorful tiles. It’s a must-visit for anyone interested in local food and culture.

Cedofeita Street

Cedofeita Street is a trendy shopping district in Porto that’s popular with young people and hipsters. You’ll find lots of independent boutiques, vintage shops, and cafes in this area. It’s a great place to find unique clothing, accessories, and gifts. Some of the most popular stores on Cedofeita Street include A Vida Portuguesa and The Feeting Room.

Overall, Porto is a great city for shopping, and these districts are just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you’re looking for luxury brands or local finds, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste and budget.

Popular Shopping Malls

Porto is a great city for shopping and offers a variety of options for all tastes and budgets. If you’re looking for a shopping mall experience, here are two popular options to consider:


Located in the northern part of the city, NorteShopping is one of the largest shopping malls in Porto. With over 200 shops, it is a great place to find everything you need in one location. The mall has a mix of international and local brands, as well as a cinema, restaurants, and a food court.

Some popular stores at NorteShopping include Zara, H&M, and Primark. The mall also has a large supermarket, Continente, where you can buy groceries and household items. If you’re traveling with children, there is a KidZania, an interactive entertainment center where kids can role-play different professions.

Via Catarina Shopping

Via Catarina Shopping is a smaller mall located in the city center, close to some of Porto’s main attractions. The mall has a mix of fashion, beauty, and technology stores, as well as a food court and a cinema.

Some popular stores at Via Catarina Shopping include Sephora, Fnac, and Women’s Secret. The mall also has a large supermarket, Pingo Doce, where you can buy groceries and household items.

Both NorteShopping and Via Catarina Shopping offer a variety of options for shopping, dining, and entertainment. They are great places to visit, especially if you’re looking for a break from the city’s historic sites and museums.

Local Markets and Artisan Shops

When it comes to shopping in Porto, the local markets and artisan shops are a must-visit. These markets and shops offer a unique selection of goods and products that are not found in the big chain stores. Here are two of the best local markets and artisan shops to visit in Porto.

Feira da Vandoma

Feira da Vandoma is a famous flea market in Porto that takes place every Saturday morning. It is located in the heart of the city and offers a wide range of products, including antique furniture, vintage clothing, and handmade crafts. The market is a great place to find unique souvenirs and gifts to take back home. Visitors should be prepared to haggle with the vendors to get the best prices.

Livraria Lello

Livraria Lello is a historic bookstore in Porto that is famous for its stunning architecture and impressive collection of books. The bookstore was founded in 1906 and has since become a popular tourist attraction. The interior of the bookstore is decorated with beautiful stained glass windows and a grand staircase that leads up to the second floor. Livraria Lello is a must-visit for book lovers and anyone interested in history and architecture.

Overall, the local markets and artisan shops in Porto offer a unique shopping experience that cannot be found in the big chain stores. Visitors to Porto should make sure to visit Feira da Vandoma and Livraria Lello to experience the best of what the city has to offer.

Porto’s Specialty Products

When it comes to shopping in Porto, there are some specialty products that visitors should not miss out on. The city is known for its unique offerings, including Port wine, cork products, and cheese and sausages.

Port Wine

Port wine is one of Porto’s most famous exports. This fortified wine is produced exclusively in the Douro Valley, which is located just east of the city. Visitors can take a tour of the many wineries in the region, where they can learn about the production process and sample different varieties of Port. Some popular wineries include Taylor’s, Sandeman, and Graham’s.

Cork Products

Portugal is the world’s largest producer of cork, and Porto is a great place to find cork products of all kinds. From wallets and purses to coasters and placemats, there is something for everyone. One popular shop is Pelcor, which specializes in high-quality cork accessories.

Cheese and Sausages

Portugal is known for its delicious cheeses and sausages, and Porto is no exception. Visitors can find a variety of local cheeses, including the popular Queijo da Serra, which is made from sheep’s milk. Sausages like chouriço and alheira are also popular, and can be found in many local markets and specialty shops.

Overall, shopping for specialty products in Porto is a unique and enjoyable experience. Visitors should be sure to try some Port wine, pick up some cork products, and sample some of the city’s delicious cheeses and sausages.

Tips for Shopping in Porto

Bargaining Practices

When shopping in Porto, bargaining is not a common practice. However, in some markets and street shops, it may be possible to negotiate prices. It is important to keep in mind that bargaining is not expected in most stores and can be considered rude or inappropriate. It is always best to ask the vendor if they are willing to negotiate prices before attempting to bargain.

Shop Opening Hours

Most shops in Porto are open from 9am to 7pm, Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 1pm on Saturdays. Some shops may close for lunch between 1pm and 3pm. On Sundays, most shops are closed, except for some souvenir shops and stores located in tourist areas.

It is important to note that during the summer months, some shops may close earlier or have different opening hours. Additionally, during public holidays, many shops may be closed, so it is always best to check ahead of time if a specific store will be open.

Overall, when shopping in Porto, it is best to plan ahead and check store hours and closures to avoid disappointment. It is also important to be respectful of local customs and practices when shopping in markets and street shops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find luxury shopping options in Porto?

If you are looking for high-end shopping options, head to Avenida da Boavista or Rua de Santa Catarina. There, you will find luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada. Additionally, the area around the Ribeira district has several designer stores.

Which are the best districts for clothes shopping in Porto?

For clothes shopping, Rua de Santa Catarina is the most popular street in Porto. It is home to many high street brands and department stores such as Zara, H&M, and El Corte Inglés. Other great districts for clothes shopping include the Baixa and Cedofeita neighborhoods.

Are there any outlet malls or centers near Porto?

Yes, there are several outlet malls and centers near Porto. The most popular one is Vila do Conde Outlet, which is located just 20 minutes away from the city center. It has over 140 stores, including many high-end brands, and offers discounts of up to 70%.

Where can I shop for affordable items in Porto?

If you are on a budget, head to the Feira da Vandoma flea market. It is held every Saturday and is the perfect place to find unique and affordable items. Additionally, Rua de Cedofeita has several vintage and second-hand stores that offer great deals.

What are the top-rated shops for clothing in Porto?

Some of the top-rated clothing stores in Porto include Zara, Massimo Dutti, and Bershka. For high-end fashion, head to the boutiques in the Ribeira district or Avenida da Boavista.

Can you recommend the most popular shopping street in Porto?

Rua de Santa Catarina is the most popular shopping street in Porto. It is over a kilometer long and is home to many high street brands and department stores. The street is always bustling with locals and tourists alike, making it a great place to shop and people-watch.

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