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Jet Lag: Tips to Beat It and Make the Most of Your Holidays

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We all look forward to our summer holidays so much that it sometimes seems that when they finally arrive they fly past in a blur. One of the biggest problems in this respect is that the first day of the trip is often lost due to jet lag. Thankfully, there are some simple tips which will help you make the most of this first day on foreign soil.

Rest Before the Flight

A lot of tourists think that it makes sense to arrive at the airport feeling tired, as this will help them sleep on the way to their destination. In fact, it can be extremely difficult to sleep on a flight. This means that the best idea is to rest well before you travel. A smart way of doing this is by staying in one of the hotels near where you are travelling. For example, if you are travelling from Heathrow then the Premier Inn Heathrow is a great place to get some rest. As well as this and the other nice Heathrow hotels from Holiday Extras you will find that there are good options across the UK. For instance, if you are travelling from the airport at Gatwick then you might want to check out the Sofitel Gatwick to let you travel feeling full of energy.

Eat Well Before Arriving

Another issue which it is best avoiding is that of arriving feeling really hungry. Sure, it is nice to get somewhere exotic and eat something but you don’t want to eat a big meal right away, as this will leave you feeling tired right instead of keen to explore the area. Try eating before you travel but without overdoing it, as you don’t want to travel with a bad case of indigestion either.

Get Used to the Local Times

On longer trips jet lag is something which you will have to deal with. Probably the best way of doing this is by getting used to the local times as quickly as you can. The first step is that of setting your watch to the local time in your destination once you step onto the plane. Once you arrive you should then try to eat at the same time as the people living there and stay up to a sensible sort of bed time.

Go for a Walk

One of the best ways of making the most of the first day of your holiday is by going for a walk. As long as you take care to work out how to get back to your hotel and to avoid any dodgy areas this can be a fantastic introduction to the place. There is no pressure to do a lot of things on your first day so you should just relax, see some of the sights and soak up the feeling of being somewhere new and different. If you arrive feeling tired you might even find that this gives you an energy boost to get you through the rest of the day.

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