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The Best Bars in Porto

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If you’re looking to make the most of your time in Porto by experiencing some of the nightlife our bars have to offer, then we have the perfect suggestions for you!

First, a couple of tips:

The majority of the bars in Porto operate with a card system. You’re handed a card at the entrance and every time you order a drink, the barman will stamp the card. You don’t pay for your drinks until you leave the bar. It’s a little odd, but you quickly get used to it.

Also, if you’re planning a trip to Porto in August for a wild weekend you should be aware that many of the top bars will be closed — the owners need a holiday too!

Now you know that, let’s get on with the drinking! Organised by location, here are our favourite places to have a drink:

Please note: we only review places that we, or our writers, have personally been to.

Bars in Ribeira

As night falls, the majority of tourists will head over to Ribeira to check out the many bars and clubs.

Vila Nova de Gaia is one of the best bars to start at. Situated on the opposite bank of the Douro from the city centre it’s a short walk (or taxi ride) across the Eiffel-inspired bridge.


It is situated at Ribeira the location, where most of Porto’s bars serving great beers and drinks with very economical price tag besides being one of the best locations in the region. One can have few drinks here before going to a club and save money, because drinks prices at clubs are very exorbitant.

Cais de Gala Bars:

Just across the river an area named as Cais de Gala also has a number of cafes and bars people throng over there to have their favorite drink after the dinner. From the cafes and bars one gets an occasion to see the far away dazzling lights all over the city and the panoramic view of river on a full moon night.

Cais de Gaia:

It is located in bars locality near Vila Nova de Gaia and has river front space. The location is very modern suiting bars and clubs. One can enjoy river and Porto City view at its best.

Clubs with Bars:

Oporto also has the distinction of having few majestic clubs located in the Foz area or sea side Matosinhos area. To name few clubs and bars frequently visited by younger generation of Porto Bar Estado Novo, Industria, Twins and Act. Via Rapida and Bazaar offers great Music and Drinks and are trend setters

Atelier – Cafe Bar:

R. Dr. Barbosa de Castro, 56-58

In the vicinity of Palácio da Justiça, Museu da Fotografia and Torre dos Clérigos, which form the central region of Porto Atelier Café Bar has been opened, the uniqueness is that smoking is allowed here. There is plenty of Beer and Sangria a domestically produced stuff is served in a great measure.

The Bar has Saxophones and LED Lights producing amazing Psychedelic effect with change of color as fast as the music plays. The décor is mystified by Chrome steel Lamp and numerous Crystal Glasses.

All the time one can enjoy mouth watering snacks famous being Roast Pork sandwich and great soups.

Porto Praga – Global Food & Connoisseur Bar:

Stefana Okrzei 23, Warsaw:

The bar is famous for serving European, International, Mediterranean Seafood.

It is the brain child of Richard Winkler, an experienced Warsaw restaurant owner. The Interior decoration has been designed and executed by Bazyli PiÄ…tkowski, a sophisticated Polish Interior expert.

Visitors experience charming effect from the entrance onwards. The theme of the interiors depicts a 2 century old mill. The bar houses a Restaurant, a Connoisseur Bar and Cocktail Club Bar serving best Malt Whisky and Cigars, making it a favorite destination to mix with clients and friends.

Porto Praga has rare distinction of serving delicacies made of lobsters and shrimps.

Ryan’s Irish Bar, Porto:

There is availability of Select Beers and Whiskies, which are served with great perfection in addition to the sets of Live Music play. A Heart Winning Environment created all just in Centre of Porto town and very Close to the River.

It remains open till 4am. The Location is Hot Spot for International Gathering of tourists and Porto locals. The bar is spread on two floors, the upstairs is exclusively comfortable and has great Carved Stone archway with Dim lighting. It is very light on the Pocket of the visitor also.


It is situated in the Foz locality very close to the lighthouse, it is small sized but has very enticing decoration decent gentry and prices are reasonable and bar remains open till the midnight is over.

Praia do Ourigo:

It is a Beach bar located in Foz area. The bar presents best view of Porto Town. The bar has been set on the stilts on the beach with the service of a restaurant

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